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Leaving...for now.

+ Posted by Sean on 02 Sep 2008

Ive been running this site for over a year and now I finally think Im done. See, I think I need to focus on my Miley site. Its not that Im not a Zac fan anymore, definitely not because I think hes awesome, its just...well I don't really know...I guess I like Miley better. But I will always remain a very fond Zac fan. Im going to be leaving the site in the wonderful hands of my fantastic co-web Hayley! I know she will do a great job on the site! And I won't be totally leaving, Hayley and I agreed I can return at any time, its just I need to build up my Miley site and get updating on that; so who knows when Ill be back haha. Well, all thats left to do is thank everyone for visititing the site throughout the past year, we may not be the most popular Zac site but we had loyal visitors. So I would just like to extend my thanks to you all! And finally, I would like to thank Zac; you are such an inspiration and an amazing person and I wish you all the best in your future projects. I hope that I can come back to the site and once again, fully support you and all you do. Thanks! And hopefully see you all in a couple of months! :]

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• Musical actors surprise fans in LA

+ Posted by Hayley on 01 Sep 2008

It doesn't take much to whip fans of High School Musical into a frenzy, but a surprise appearance by Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale at a special pep rally in Hollywood left kids, teens and some parents in hysterics.

Some 1,000 fans won a special opportunity to be part of the celebrations at Disney's El Capitan cinema on Saturday.

Many waited from 5am to be the first in to see the new sing-a-long version of High School Musical and High School Musical 2 and catch a sneak peek of the third new movie.

Inside, fans weren't disappointed. After the two movies played, Zac and the rest of the cast surprised crowds by taking to the stage to thank their supporters for the musical's success.

Speaking beforehand, Zac explained: "You know it's always great to get out and meet your fans and we just wanted to give them a little something extra."

Director Kenny Ortega added: "I left the editing room to come down here. I'm finishing High School Musical 3 but I couldn't miss an opportunity to say thank you."

Actress Ashley Tisdale said the franchise owes everything to its supporters: "Our movie was really for the Disney Channel. We never expected it to be so huge - it's because of the fans that it is such a phenomenon, so it's always great to see them face to face."

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• Zac Efron's Grease ambition

+ Posted by Hayley on 31 Aug 2008

Zac Efron wants to star in a 'Grease' remake.

The 'High School Musical' heartthrob admits he would love to step into John Travolta's shoes as gang leader Danny Zuko in the musical movie, but only with the legendary actor's consent.

Zac - who appeared alongside John in the recent film version of hit musical 'Hairspray' - said: "If John was involved I'd do it. But without his consent there's no way I could ever attempt a role like that. That's too hard, he's just too cool. He's a stud!"

The 20-year-old actor also revealed he is happy to star in more musicals after the success of his Disney movie franchise, and is convinced Hollywood will continue making all-singing, all-dancing films.

Zac added: "I love musicals! I've noticed that various movie studios want to get involved with making musicals and I think it's great. They're making a comeback and so I think there should be more in the pipeline. Any time there's a musical, I'm up for being on board. It's fun."

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• Manx Zac Efron film to premiere in Toronto

+ Posted by Hayley on 30 Aug 2008

A FILM produced in the Isle of Man will be premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).
Isle of Man Film and financing partners CinemaNX are delighted that Me and Orson Welles has been selected for inclusion at the forthcoming festival.

Scenes for Me and Orson Welles were shot in the Gaiety Theatre, Douglas, in February this year, thanks largely to the co-operation of a number of Island organisations and government departments.

In the film, the Gaiety doubled up as the New York Mercury Theatre where Orson Welles and his Mercury Players were staging a legendary performance of Julius Caesar in 1937.

TIFF co-director Cameron Bailey is on record as stating that the Me and Orson Welles is 'definitely is going to be one of the hottest films. And not just because its Richard Linklater... Zac Efron is in it as well and then its got a terrific performance by Christian McKay who plays Orson Welles in 1937 as he's mounting a production of Julius Caesar. So this is a big title obviously and to have films like that premiering with us is really important'.

Starring alongside Christian McKay and Zac Efron are Claire Danes, Ben Chaplin and Eddie Marsan.

Trade and Industry Minister David Cretney said: 'To have Me and Orson Welles selected for inclusion in the Toronto Festival programme is a tremendous accolade, not only for the film's makers but also for each and every one of us in the Isle of Man.'

The TIFF takes place from September 4 to 13.

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• VMA Presenters

+ Posted by Hayley on 29 Aug 2008

MTV has confirmed Michael Phelps, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Ciara, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Christopher Mintz-Plasse presenter at the "2008 Video Music Awards.".
In addition, DJ AM and Travis Barker will be mixing live drum beats to scratched records throughout the show. The duo will collaborate with Katy Perry, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, The Ting Tings and additional special guests to perform new and past hits to celebrate the past 25 years of music.

Rihanna, Pink, T.I., Kid Rock, Paramore, Lil Wayne and the Jonas Brothers have already been added to the list of performers at this year's show.

As previously announced, MTV's 25th annual Video Music Awards will be hosted by comedian/actor Russell Brand and will air live and only one time in its original incarnation, on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 9PM SHARP (Live ET/Tape Delayed PT). Presenters and additional performers for the "2008 Video Music Awards" will be announced at a later date.

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• Caps

+ Posted by Hayley on 27 Aug 2008

Today I have added DVD captures of Zac in "High School Musical" as well as "Bringing It Together - The Making of High School Musical".

High School Musical DVD Captures

Bringing It Together: The Making of High School Musical

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• Candids and Me and Orson Welles Stills

+ Posted by Sean on 27 Aug 2008

I have added some candids to the gallery as well as some stills of Zac in 'Me and Orson Welles'. Previews below! cute

Candids > 2008 > Running to Studio

Movies > Me and Orson Welles > Stills

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• 2008 ALMA Awards

+ Posted by Sean on 26 Aug 2008

I know there late, but here are pictures of Zac from 2008 ALMA Awards bounce. Preview below:

Apperances > 2008 ALMA Awards

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• Cosmo Scan

+ Posted by Hayley on 25 Aug 2008

First, I'd like to say thanks to Sean for welcoming me. And now I would like to tell you all I posted a scan from a 2008 issue of "Cosmo" magazine. I hope you like it!

"Cosmo" Magazine - 2008

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• Co-Web and New Pictures

+ Posted by Hayley on 24 Aug 2008

Hey everyone! I am Hayley and the new co-web here at Zac E Fan. Thanks to Sean for accepting me!

To start with my first update, I have added new pictures of Zac. He was at the Disney's 'High School Musical 3 Senior Year' Ultimate Fan Pep Rally yesterday, and looked great! Be sure to check them out in the gallery.

Disney's 'High School Musical 3 Senior Year' Ultimate Fan Pep Rally

Edit By Sean: Please welcome our fantastic new co-web Hayley to the site! What a wonderful first update!!! Keep them comming Hayley and thanks! bounce


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